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FREE How Dogs Learn Training Program

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This FREE course will help you to better understand how your dog thinks and feels during training and beyond. 

Video Content includes:

  • Introduction - Welcome and meet your Instructor, Christine Durrant
  • Rewards - Used correctly, rewards will make training easier and more enjoyable for you both.
  • Punishments - Understand why punishments are unnecessary and learn how to effectively motivate your dog without using fear. Make training a positive experience and get better results with kindness.
  • Timing - The most important part of training! Correct timing can mean the difference between success and failure in your training. Learn the core principles of timing and get the results you want in no time.
  • Capturing & Luring - Learn about these training techniques that can help you train your pup to showcase their best behaviors and even train tricks. Unlock your dog's full potential!
  • Using Markers in Dog Training & More
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