Our Training Programs

When it comes to dog training, we believe "Where There’s a Woof There’s a Way™. Which means there is a solution for every dog problem and there is hope for every dog.

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    Reactive Dogs

    Reactive dogs have big feelings! This can be frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. This in depth program will teach you how to change those feelings, in a good way!.

    Relief for Reactive Dogs 
  • Teen & Adult Dogs

    Teen & Adult dogs thrive with training too! From basic manners to leash and mat training our Basic Manners Plus program will gently guide you and your dog through major transformation.

    Basic Manners PLUS 
  • Puppies

    Puppies need gentle guidance and clear boundaries. From chewing, biting and potty training we cover it all. Learn how to help your puppy grown into a happy, healthy and well behaved adolescent!

    Perfectly Puppy Training 

Choice-Based Training

Learn how to empower your dog to feel great about doing the right thing! Explore all of our Training Programs below.

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  • Julie B & Graham

    Relief for Reactive Dogs

    "The progress he's made in a short period of time is extremely rewarding for both of us.I'm equipped with the right tips and tricks to address Graham's behavior in a humane way."

  • William G & Cordell

    Perfectly Puppy Program

    "Each session is tailored and geared toward what we need to work on and the training sessions never got overwhelming for our puppy."

  • Laura S & Kai

    "Chris has helped me understand my dog, and our training problems. Her training methods are thoughtful, sensible, gentle and they work!"