Heavy Duty Harnesses

Harnesses designed for dogs over 35 lbs.

No escape and fully adjustable to fit your pup perfectly and even help with leash pulling (clip your leash in front).

Our harnesses are recommended for safer car rides, too!

No Pull
Say goodbye to leash pulling.
No Escape
Safety is important and adjusting is key.
Machine wash your harness to freshen it up.

Heavy Duty Harnesses (for dogs 35-100 lbs.)

Our Fearless Pet Heavy Duty Harness ensures your pup's comfort AND keeps them from breaking out - with four adjusters and two buckles for a comfy, secure fit. No pull? No problem!

Less Worry, More Fun!

If you ever worry about your dog's safety or comfort on walks, during training or in the car you can relax knowing we have developed each product with those concerns in mind. Enjoy more fun times while your pup is safe and secure in their new harness.

For a Perfect Fit

Measure Your Pup
For a perfect fit, please measure your pup so you can compare to our size chart(s).
Choose Your Style & Color
Choose the style of harness you like then choose the color and size.
Enjoy New Safety
Your dog's harness will keep them safe and happy.

Heavy Duty Harness

Learn how to adjust and enjoy our heavy duty harnesses. It features multiple adjuster (no escape) and a front clip for no pull.

The Right Harness

Choosing the right harness for your dog can make a big impact on their well-being and safety. Multiple adjusters help to create a perfect fit and a front clip will help help with leash pulling (we recommend training too). A well fit harness is also a wonderful way to keep your pup safer on car rides.

  • Elizabeth V.

    "We absolutely love this harness for our pet Molly! It is well made and sturdier than many harnesses we have seen out there. The padding makes it very comfortable for her."

  • a 3d image of an escape proof dog harness from fearless pet in a bright pink floral pattern with a teal blue background

    Lilly's Mom

    "Lilly loves her new harness and gets lots of compliments on it! The designs are so adorable, it was hard to choose so will probably buy more.
    It fit really well and was easy to put on and adjust. We’re in training for reactivity through the Fearless Pet training site and this harness has been terrific for helping with it."

  • a 3d photo of a green camouflage heavy duty adjustable dog harness by fearless pet


    "Cute and great fitting product. Once we adjusted it, our dog loved it and didn’t pull on leash or try to escape her way out of it. Makes walks a breeeze."