This page offer answers to our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us below if you have additional questions that are not covered here!

Frequently Asked Product Questions

How do I adjust my dog's harness?

You can find a video for each harness on the "Our Products" page

We offer a variety of harnesses for a variety of pets! All of our harnesses feature extra adjusters for a perfect fit and a front clip to help with leash pulling.

Do you have anything for my 5 lb dog?

Our training programs are great for all sizes of dogs but we do not currently carry products for dogs or cats under 10 lbs. We do plan to in the future, though!

What is your return policy?

You can access all of our policies by clicking here.

Learn more about our Store Policies Here

Where can I find your size charts?

Our size charts are shown within the photos of each product or, you can access all of our size charts by clicking here.

Here you can find a size chart for all of our products. Choose from our patented Safe Cinch Dog collar, Neoprene or Heavy duty harnesses and our adjustable leashes.

When will my order ship?

With the exception of Friday, we usually ship all orders within 48 hours.

What do you offer for large dogs?

Our collars, leashes heavy duty harnesses are designed for dogs up to 100 lbs. We currently don't offer any products for pups over 100 lbs.

Frequently Asked Training Questions

What kind of dog training do you offer?

Our training is based on Positive Reinforcement and the Science of how animals learn. Positive Reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to train and it's always in the best interest of the dog(s). We teach dogs to make choices and we train those choices. The dog is allowed to make mistakes and instead of punishing them we use this data to tell us that we need to slow down and break things into smaller pieces for them to understand. Our training empowers you and your dog to learn together. We are not "balanced" (meaning we use punishment when we can't figure out how to teach a skill). We know how to solve ALL problems using kind, choice-based solutions.

What's included in the Training Courses?

Our training courses are packed full of bite sized training sections (progressive training steps), handouts and live videos of real dogs learning, just as yours will.

Do you offer Private Dog Training?

Yes! Chris Durrant offers private dog training all over the world. Send an email to discuss!

Does the training have a guarantee?

Our training is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason please reach out. All courses also include email support so please start there.

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