Puppy Training

If you have, or plan to have a puppy in your life, Fearless Pet will help you navigate this very exciting (and sometimes challenging time)!

What Is MOST Important When Training a Puppy?

Socialization! Potty training, chewing and crate training are all great (and included in our Program) but failing to socialize your puppy can have serious consequences. Included in my Perfectly Puppy Training Package is a complete list of all things social.

an infographic for a puppy training bundle from fearless pet includes a puppy training program a harness and a leash bundle

Puppy Bundle - Great Training & Products Together

Save $10! To get the most out of your puppy training use a perfectly fitted harness, adjustable leash and our exclusive Perfectly Puppy Training Program.

Bundle Up!

Still on the fence? Start With a FREE Course!

Understanding how dogs learn is vital to proper training. In this free course I will help you to understand more about this important process.


    In one session, Chris showed me how to use positive reinforcement to teach my puppy to be more calm so my dogs could get along. Chris' knowledge, patience and love for all animals is amazing. I'm so glad to know that I have her to help me! And I love FearLess Pet products! My dogs do too. 

    - Carolyn K.


    We started using FearLess Dog Training when our Lab Sadie was just 12 weeks old. To say it was life changing is an understatement. We absolutely adore Chris and the tools and techniques she has taught us to train our puppy. Jessica S.


    Things we worked on with our puppy, Reese. Jumping, Stay, Leave it, Mat training, going on walks (leaving our porch was a win), staying off our hot tub stairs, come when called. I finally feel like I have a handle on the situation and the tools needed for our family to enjoy our puppy. - Jessica W.