Better Together

When your dog feels safe and comfortable in their gear, they learn better and faster plus, you'll increase your bond!

Better Together
Gentle gear with kind training is the BEST way to train.
Enhanced Learning
Dogs learn better when they feel comfortable.
A Better Future
Our training methods make dogs happier & more confident.

Learn More

Videos to show how our harnesses work and how to adjust them for a perfect fit!

Neoprene Harness

Learn how to use and adjust our Neoprene Harness for a no escape fit. Also featuring a front and back clip to reduce leash pulling!

Heavy Duty Harness

Learn how to adjust and enjoy our heavy duty harnesses. It features multiple adjuster (no escape) and a front clip for no pull.

Your Training Journey

Custom for Your Pup
Choose your training and products based on your pup's needs.
Dive In
Training starts immediately, gear ships within 48 hours.
Happiness Ahead
Train your pup in comfort and safety for the best possible outcome.

Harness Bundles (no training)

Choose a Neoprene Harness for dogs between 10 and 35 lbs., Heavy Duty for dogs over 35 lbs.

Calling all escape artists! Our No Escape Dog Harnesses are here to save the day.