Product Information & Adjustment Instructions

All of our products have been expertly crafted to prioritize the safety and comfort of your furry friend. Additionally, we have personally created our unique prints and patterns that emphasize both beauty and individuality. Learn more about each one below.

Adjusting Your Safe Cinch Collar

Learn how to adjust and enjoy your new Safe Cinch Collar

About Our Safe Cinch Collar

Learn about our Safe Cinch collar. It was designed and patented as a safe, comfortable alternative to choke, prong and martingale dog collars. Keep you pup for slipping out - without hurting them!

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Neoprene Harness

Learn how to adjust, use and enjoy our no escape Neoprene harnesses. Designed for pups weighing 10 to 35 lbs.

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Heavy Duty Harness

Our heavy duty harness is built to last, help with leash pulling and even provide a safer car ride for your dog. Designed for dogs weighing 35 lbs. and up.

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Adjustable Leash

Learn about our handy and comfortable adjustable leash.

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