Reactive Dog Training

If your dog's barking, lunging unpredictable behavior is affecting your life and your relationships with them, help is here! Relief for Reactive Dogs is your path to success and to a better life with your pup. Help your dog react less and relax more!

Based on Science and how all animals learn.
NEVER compromise you or your dog's well-being.
Watch and learn through live trainings of real dogs, just like yours!

Why Train a Reactive Dog Using a Harness?

Reactive dogs have BIG feelings. If we add to their already heightened emotional state by using products that increase discomfort we are adding stress to stress. The best way to work with your reactive dog is by putting comfy gear on them (no escape of course!) and using the science of how dog's learn to teach them that reacting is no longer neccesary.

"Having a reactive dog can be stressful, sad and even embarrassing. I'll give you all the tools and skills you'll need, to not only change this behavior, but tips on what to do before, during and after a reaction in the meantime!" - Chris Durrant, Founder of Fearless Pet

How to Help Your Reactive Dog

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"The tools Chris has given us make it simple to work with Graham both in and out of training sessions. The progress he's made in a short period of time os extremely rewarding for both of us!" - Julie B.

Buster's Story - Dog Reactive

At 4 years old Buster was adopted after living for 2 years without going for walks. He was confused as to what to do when he saw other dogs and he decided to bark, lunge and even snap at them. By the end of training Buster was great with other dogs and even did regular "meet ups" at the local park.

Help Your Dog

Imagine the feeling of being more confident, less stressed and even excited about using your newfound knowledge! 🐶

  • NICKI ♥️

    Nicki was highly reactive to bikes, children, dogs and all people. We worked on building trust and supporting her emotional needs while addressing her reactive behaviors. Nicki made AMAZING progress during her training journey.

  • GRACIE 🎉

    Gracie had been under socialized due to a surgery and her family just not knowing what to do. Gracie had learned to bark and lunge when she saw other dogs. Gracie went from barking like mad when she saw a dog to greeting them quitely!

  • KOA 😊

    Koa is a BIG boy and he had BIG feelings when he saw other dogs on walks. By using mat training (included in Relief for Reactive Dogs Program) we helped him to be more relaxed. Next, we worked on leash reactivity and by the time we finished he was off on group hikes with all kinds of other dogs!