Harness Bundles

Save a bundle on a bundle! Save $5 to $10.00 on our harness bundles

Harness Bundles

Choose a Neoprene Harness for dogs between 10 and 35 lbs., Heavy Duty for dogs over 35 lbs.

Calling all escape artists! Our No Escape Dog Harnesses are here to save the day.

How to Order

Choose Your Harness
Choose the style and color of the harness you like for your pup.
Measure your pup and use the size chart to select the right size.
Receive and Adjust
Adjust the neck and waist before use. Enjoy your safe, no escape fit harness!

Learn More

Videos to show how our harnesses work and how to adjust them for a perfect fit!

Neoprene Harness

Learn how to use and adjust our Neoprene Harness for a no escape fit. Also featuring a front and back clip to reduce leash pulling!

Heavy Duty Harness

Learn how to adjust and enjoy our heavy duty harnesses. It features multiple adjuster (no escape) and a front clip for no pull.

Better Together

Add training to get the best possible experience with your pup. When your dog feels safe and comfortable in their gear, they learn better and faster plus, you'll increase your bond!

  • a photo of a 3D image of a purple floral dog harness designed to be escape proof and no pull dog harness for small and medium dogs by fearless pet

    M. Chavez

    "Our male Chihuahua was always able to get out of his harness. The style of this one was perfect. It allowed us to adjust the size to the perfect fit. Beautiful prints too!"

  • a 3d photo of an adjustable dog harness in a light blue mountain print from fearless pet escape proof dog harness for small medium dogs

    Christina M.

    "Love this harness! Was recommended to us by our trainer. Is the best fit we’ve found for our Frenchie and we’ve tried all the brands at the pet stores and a few on Amazon."

  • a 3D image of a no escape harness from Fearless pet in bright teal with Hawaiian flowers print girl dog harness

    E. Humphrey

    "My small dog has a sensitive trachia. Other harnesses push on his throat and make him cough. This harness fits securely, but does not press at all on his neck. Problem solved! Also love the multi-point adjustments."