Case Studies & Testimonials

Learn how we have helped pup parents just like you with power packed training programs and super safe products.

Cordell - Perfectly Puppy™ Program

"Each session is tailored and geared toward what to work on next and the training sessions never got overwhelming for our puppy. Her advice to my wife and I were so helpful that we will be able to use it as we go on" - William

Case Study - Graham

In this video you will learn about Graham's back story and witness his complete transformation. Learn how to do this with your dog by enrolling in my Relief for Reactive Dogs™ program.

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Penny - Training & Harness

"Penny barked like mad when she would see another dog on walks. Chris has worked with us to train her to react differently when she sees other dogs so that our walks are calm and safe for both of us. She also provided a harness and leash that help my dog feel more secure and to not injure herself." Kelli

Case Study - Buster

Learn about Buster and his successful, Reactive Dog journey. Learn how we transformed him by enrolling in our Relief for Reactive Dogs™ Program.

Relief For Reactive Dogs

Sadie - Perfectly Puppy™ Program

"Now that we have a dog approaching 6 months, we have one that follows commands, can walk on a loose leash, touch, find it, not react to dogs/people, no jumping and extremely socialized. Anytime we are trying to train something at our house, we always say What would Chris do?" - Jessica S.

Molly - Safe Cinch Collar

"My pup is a reactive dog, which we are working on. In situations where is is reactive, and spinning and pulling, she has escaped the normal-type collars in the past. Since buying this collar, we’ve never had an issue. The cinch is what gently makes up for any space that your dog may be able to slip through. And it does this WITHOUT hurting the dog.This is my second collar from this brand too! They are super cute and allows my pup to show a bit of personality". - Tori

Lily - Heavy Duty Harness

Heavy Duty Harness - "It fit really well and was easy to put on and adjust. We’re in training for reactivity through the Fearless Pet training site and this harness has been terrific for helping with it." - Laura

  • Cheryl & Max (Teen Labrador)

    Adult Dog Basic Manners

    Her knowledge of dogs and the ideas she shared to assist us with training far exceeded our expectations! I would highly recommend her.

  • Natalie & Hodor (Golden Puppy)

    Perfectly Puppy Program

    We just got a new Golden Retriever puppy who is now 9 1/2 weeks old and I knew I needed some help with him to get this little guy on the right track. Hodor and I learned so much! I now have the tools and techniques to help build our training bond and take it to the next level.

  • Joanne & Minnie (Shihtzu Puppy)

    In Person Session

    Minnie learned so much in just one session! If you are looking for good dog training, look no further! Would give more stars if I could! Also, their collars and leashes are wonderful!

  • Graham (Cockapoo)

    Relief for Reactive Dogs

    Just two sessions in, and Graham successfully befriended another dog - something I never thought would happen on a walk! 

    The tools Chris has given us make it simple to work with Graham both in and out of training sessions. The progress he's made in a short period of time is extremely rewarding for both of us.

Customer Reviews

"While I was developing every product and training program, my goal was to make my customers happy and keep the fun flowing. Reviews are the fuel that keep me moving forward!" - Christine Durrant, Founder of Fearless Pet

  • a photo of a trees and mountains watercolor print safe cinch collar by fearless pet against a white background


    Bought this for my friend’s dog because she was struggling with him escaping his collar all the time. This worked like a charm!

  • a photo of a pink floral no escape safe cinch dog collar by fearless pet

    Amy & Jude

    This collar only tightens a small amount but is just what we needed. I used this for my dog who can be a bit stubborn at times.

  • a 3D image of a no escape harness from Fearless pet in a green camouflage small dog harness no pull


    Good harness. It's very adjustable if you have a quickly growing pup.

  • a photo of a pink bees and butterflies safe cinch no escape dog collar by fearless pet

    Mama to Bear

    Fell in love with this collar immediately as it looks like our backyard. Everyone has commented on it and says how beautiful it is. Stays on and fits perfectly.