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Are you looking for a proactive approach to your dog's training or, perhaps to the point of frustration or even desperation? If so, you've come to the right place!

Learn how to train without pain and increase your bond with your dog.
Backed By Science
Proven, scientific methods. Developed to increase good behaviors and confidence.
Every training session brings new, positive change that last a lifetime.

Experience When Your Need It

I am excited to help you! I have over 15 years of Professional Dog Training Experience along with an extensive education in Animal Behavior, and, more specifically Aggression, Fear and Reactivity. Although not required, I am proudly Certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA). I have enjoyed working with both Guide Dogs for the Blind and Dogs for Diabetics. I have a firm commitment to excellence and continue to study animal behavior so that I can be the best I can be for you and your dog.

Virtual Dog Training

Virtual dog training with me is very powerful and preferred by many of my clients. How is it better? It enables us to focus on individual behaviors better - without the distractions of jumping, barking, etc. Also, sessions are recorded for your reference and, you are free to share them with family members so they can understand how to support you in your dog training journey.

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Unlock Your Dog's Secret Powers

Every dog has the potential to be better. Better behaved, better understood and better at being part of a family.

Private Coaching

Wondering if a career in dog training is for you, struggling with how to stay organized or, maybe you are a working dog trainer looking for support with a challenging case or client. Reach out for pricing and to see if I can help!

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    Oliver faced severe anxiety and resource-guarding challenges. From the start, Chris' empathetic approach and deep understanding of canine behavior were evident. With a tailored training program, we gradually exposed Oliver to various situations, significantly reducing his fear and his resource-guarding behaviors.

  • KAI

    Chris is a natural dog trainer and she has the gift of speaking dog to human. She has helped me understand my dog and our training problems. Her training methods are thoughtful, sensible, gentle and they WORK!


    Our very high energy lab Molly had issues with leash walking, allowing people to come into our home and just calming down overall. With Christine's help we have seen her transform into such a good girl without losing her happy, joyful spirit. She left us with tools and tricks to continue to train Molly and we are enjoying watching her weekly progress.

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