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Step One of Muzzle Training

Step One of Muzzle Training

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In this video I'm helping Nicki get used to a muzzle - step one. She is VERY sensitive, especially to things on her body. This process should happen over days and/or weeks, I've moved through it here to show you all of the steps. Mix and match to suit your dogs needs and comfort. Takes breaks if they pull away, slow down. I won't buckle the muzzle until she is calmly putting her face in it on her own (I want her to "walk into it).

I hope this helps you with the first steps of training your dog to wear a muzzle. Muzzles have a stigma that they shouldn't have! Many dogs get scared at the vet, around new dogs, etc. and using a muzzle helps everyone relax more so the dog can feel safer. 

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