Transform Your Dog and Your Relationship!

This free webinar will teach you change your dog's behaviors TODAY using kind, effective dog training methods. In under 15 minutes you will have a whole new relationship with your dog!

Is Your Dog's Behavior a Problem?

When our dogs are acting up and we want them to change their behavior, we need to also change our behavior. This webinar will teach you how to immediately change how you see and interact with your dog.

Dog Training is a Partnership

Or, should be say Paw-tnership?

Learn From a Pro

Christine Durrant is the Founder of FearLess Pet and a Certificated Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). She has studied and solved dog behavior problems for over 15 years. In less than 15 minutes you can learn how to change the way you feel and interact with your dog!

FREE On Demand Webinar + Guide

Positive Solutions for Negative Dog Behaviors

Change your dog's behavior and your relationship with them in under 15 minutes!

Meet Your Trainer

Learn from Christine Durrant, the Founder of FearLess Pet and a Certified, Professional Dog Trainer for over 15 years (CPDT-KA). Christine has worked with Guide Dogs for the Blind and Dogs for Diabetics and specializes in helping reactive and fearful dogs and their families.

Q and A

Is this a dog training course?

Rather than training on specific topics, this webinar is full of tips about will teach you some steps you can implement to start training your dog with a new mindset.

How long is the webinar?

This webinar is just under 15 minutes. The additional written guide takes 5-10 minutes to read through (and it's recommended!)

What style of training is covered?

All of my training and advice is based on positive reinforcement.

What if I need more help?

If you need additional help with your dog's behavior Chris offers private, remote training sessions worldwide, to suit your needs.

Enjoy a New Understanding

As you implement the steps, you will see a new dog and enjoy a new way of living. You will both feel better and have a happier life together.