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Relief for Reactive Dogs™ Training Program

Relief for Reactive Dogs™ Training Program

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Help Your Dog React Less and Relax More

Are you tired and sad about your dog's behavior of barking, lunging and creating chaos? Transform your furry friend's reactions and boost their self-confidence with myRelief for Reactive Dogs™ Training Program! Empower them (and yourself!) to overcome everyday challenges and live their best life while building your own confidence and skills.

It’s easier than you think to change your reactive dog’s behavior. In just a few weeks with just 15 minutes a day, you can teach your dog to focus on you - instead of barking up a storm - when you’re out on a walk or having company over at home.

The Relief for Reactive Dogs™ Program is your fast-track to success. Whether your dog loses their marbles over other dogs, people, squirrels, or even the vacuum cleaner, this self-paced video course is for you. 

Learn why most dog parents fail to help their reactive dogs - and why they often make unwanted behaviors worse. 

Dogs don’t understand how embarrassing it is at the other end of the leash when you’re trying to keep your cool. In those high-reactivity moments, your dog’s brain switches into overdrive. They can’t think. They can only react. 

When they’re in that hyper-aroused emotional state, it’s physically impossible for your dog to listen to you.

In this course, you’ll learn... 

  • How to prevent those “out of control” moments, 
  • What to do when those moments do happen,
  • How to finally have a calm, happy dog that you can take anywhere. 

The pre-recorded video modules go over the inner workings of your dog’s mind - why your dog acts the way they do. Then, we’ll walk through simple, effective tricks that anyone can use to change those behaviors. Finally, you’ll get an insider’s look at real-world training sessions showing you exactly how a professional dog trainer works with reactive dogs just like yours. 

What you receive:

  • Over 3 full hours of pre-recoded live training lessons and smaller sessions broken down into bite-sized modules
  • Games, tips, and tricks that anyone can use to improve their dog’s behavior and emotional well-being
  •  Lifetime access so you can watch and re-watch anytime
  • A downloadable, printable 20-page workbook to help you create and (stick with!) a personalized training plan.

What you’ll need:

  • Your dog (All dogs can learn - any breed, any size, any age!)
  • A treat bag full of extra yummy rewards
  • Just 15 minutes a day
  • Your dog’s best leash and a comfy collar or harness - we recommend FearLess Pet walking gear, but any basic set will do
  •  … And that’s it! No experience needed to start training your dog like a pro. 

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