Our Dog Training Programs

When it comes to training, our motto is "Where There's a Woof, There's a Way™" and we mean it. There is a solution for every problem and hope for every dog. Discover the perfect training solution for any dog issue, big or small. Rest easy knowing we adhere to Positive Reinforcement Dog Training principles for the safety and welfare of your dog.

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Private Dog Training

Reach out directly with our Founder, Christine Durrant. Christine to discuss your dog's needs. Christine specializes in Reactive & Fearful dogs and is a proud, Certificated Dog Train through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA).

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Happy Training Customers

Helping people to better understand and train their dogs in a kind and humane way is our mission.

Private Dog Training Review

Chris is a natural dog trainer, and she has the gift of speaking dog and human. She has helped me understand my dog, and our training problems. Her training methods are thoughtful, sensible, gentle and they work! Laura S.

  • Graham - Reactive Dog

    The progress he's made in a short period of time is extremely rewarding for both of us. I know that we are a work in progress, but I finally feel like I'm equipped with the right tips and tricks to address Graham's behavior in a humane way. - Julie B.

  • Max - Adult Basic Manners

    Her knowledge of dogs and the ideas she shared to assist us with training far exceeded our expectations! I would highly recommend her. - Cheryl

  • Ginger & Twix

    When I recently adopted a new dog I was having trouble introducing her to my home. My older dog was not happy with our new addition. In one session, Chris showed me how to use positive reinforcement to teach my dogs to get along. - Carolyn K