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Consultation for Private Training (Remote)

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Purchase a 30 minute dog behavior consultation with our founder, Christine Durrant, a Certificated Reactive & Fearful Dog Specialist. Consultations are 30 minutes and cover any range of topics and will be conducted remotely, via video, from anywhere in the world.  Also included is a follow up email covering the topics we discussed and my advice on homework and/or solutions. Once purchased you will receive an email to schedule your consultation.

This consultation is a great way to discuss your dog's pressing behaviors, ask questions and receive immediate advice. It's also helpful if you are planning on bringing a new dog into your home, introducing another pet, new baby, etc. 

Ask Christine all of your burning dog questions or go even deeper and let her create a training plan to keep you on track weekly. With this personalized consultation you'll receive tailored attention and the support of an experienced dog professional.

This is a perfect opportunity to get started on the right path with your pup – from forming a positive relationship to solving challenging behaviors, I’ll be there to offer guidance and assurance every step of the way. 


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