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Adjustable Dog Leash - Purple

Adjustable Dog Leash - Purple

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Walks and training become a breeze with our padded handle, adjustable dog leash. This leash will adjusts from 3.5-6 ft in seconds. Keep it short for training side or heel, long for those amazing Sniffaris and adventures! We've even added padding at the handle so you will be comfy and happy, too. With endless possibilities, this leash is truly magical.

Size Recommendations:

Small/Med (3/4" wide) - dogs 12 to 40 lbs.
Med/Large (1" wide) - Dogs 40 to 100 lbs.

Features & Benefits:
  • COMFORTABLE Our leash comes with a comfy neoprene-lined padded handle plus, the grip protection helps keep your hold steady.
  • ADJUSTABLE  From giving your pup lots of space to roam outdoors to keeping them close in crowded spaces this leash is up for the task. Easily adjust it from 3 to 6 feet in length.
  • DURABLE Our leashes feature heavy-duty metal parts, welded for extra strength. 
  • CUSTOM Our solid, custom colors look great with our printed collars and harnesses – not to mention reduce our carbon pawprint!

Thank you for investing in your dog's wellbeing while also contributing to pooches in need. We're dedicated to helping rescue pups, donating our products and offering free training to support them in foster homes and beyond. Thanks for joining us on our mission!

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