About FearLess Pet

Our products and training programs have been specially designed by a Professional, Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer to build confidence and change behaviors, safely and effectively.

Photo of Chris Durrant founder of FearLess Pet with Black dog Rex

We Want The Best For You & Your Dog

My goal is to help you enjoy a wonderful life with your dog through exceptional products and training.

- Chris Durrant, Founder of FearLess Pet (and Rex, R.I.P.)

CPDT-KA Dog Trainer

How FearLess Pet Came to Be

Before I was a Professional Dog Trainer I was a dog walker. While I truly love dogs, they were pulling me on walks all day long and I was becoming frustrated. It seemed that no matter what "gear" they had on they still pulled on leash. I also noticed I wasn't enjoying my time with them so I decided to make a change.

At the same time my own dog had problems at home. He was reactive on leash and aggressive to people that came to my home.

I decided to dive deep into dog behavior and learn everything I could to help them. Eventually, I became a full-time dog trainer and became certified through the Council for Professional Dog Trainer as a CPDT-KA. Through this process I learned that training is KEY to all dog problems – including leash pulling. It became clear that painful training collars do not teach a dog to stop pulling on leash. I set out to start a company did things differently. A company that always put the dog's best interest first, above all else. I also know that we must do the training if we want our dogs to stop pulling,

By having your dog in comfortable gear and rewarding them for good choices, you can increase good behavior, put an end to bad behaviors and build your dog up in a way that can’t be replicated with the use of pain or force.

Another problem I encountered when I was walking dogs was that sometimes they would slip out of their collar. It was so scary! To solve this problem I developed the Safe Cinch Dog Collar. I wanted something that didn't close tightly around the dog's neck (like many other collars) but still kept the dog safe from escaping from their collar.

I donate ALL discontinued products to shelters and nothing ever goes to waste.

Back to my own dog, Rex - he went from biting my friends to running in circles of joy when they came over. I was amazed by the change and decided I would share the training methods I used with him. Our walks improved and our life together was so much better.

I want to ensure that every person has access to affordable and safe products along with high quality dog training.

Thank you for being here,

Chris Durrant, CPDT-KA & Founder of FearLess Pet