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Fun Summer Activities for Dogs

Summer can be a really fun time for our dogs but, sometimes it's too hot to go for regular dog walks. Here are some great, affordable tips to keep your dog busy, and out of trouble, this Summer:

#1 - Purchase small "kiddie" pool. Fill it with water for the dogs that like it, sand for the those that prefer to dig.

For WATER (skip if your dog loves water and hops right in):

  • Begin by putting a very small layer (1/4" deep) of water into the pool.
  • toss treats and toys in the pool and let your dog go in on their own time.
  • This will get them used to entering the pool and allow them to get used to having wet paws. (Do NOT force or place your dog in the pool, let's help them to make their own decision so we can build confidence too).
  • Add toys that float and watch your dog have fun, fun, fun!
  • Each day add a little more water.

For SAND (skip step one if your dog already loves sand):

  • Fill the pool with a thin layer of sand.
  • Bury treats, toys and anything your dog loves to play with.
  • Add more sand based on your dog's size and preference.
  • Repeat by adding more treats and new, surprise toys as needed.
  • Sit back and enjoy the fun! 

#2 - Frozen treats.

  • Kongs can be stuffed and frozen for a long lasting, cool treat. Click here for some amazing, delicious recipes. 
  • Ice cube trays can be filled with broth, bits of meat, treats, carrots and green beans.
  • Buzzfeed has a great article for making all kinds of "pupsicles" here.

#3 - Flirt pole - Flirt poles are a fun way to keep puppies busy. You can use one to tire them out a little before a training session, send the kids outside to play with them and to teach "drop it".

  • Make your dog a "flirt pole" by using a long stick, string and a new plush toy.
  • Or, buy one on Amazon by clicking here.​

#4 - Mental Stimulation - too hot for a walk? Try using mental games to wear your dog out.

  • Cupcake pan + tennis balls = FUN (make your own puzzle feeder by placing treats in each cupcake hole, cover with a tennis ball and watch your dog figure it out). More details here
  • Puzzle balls and feeders. Put your dog's meals in a puzzle ball or feeder to add some challenge to their day.
  • Recycled egg cartons and berry containers also make great puzzle feeders! (be sure to watch your dog with the egg cartons so they don't eat the cardboard).

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