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A specialized 30-day program for pet parents that are committed to changing their reactive dog's behavior.

Includes one-on-one support, group access, weekly Q & A plus video reviews of your training and practice sessions.

Learn How to Address Your Dog's Behaviors Without Fear or Force

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Christine Durrant and I have been a Certified, Professional Dog Trainer specializing in fear and reactivity for over 15 years (CPDT-KA). I am also the proud Founder of FearLess Pet.

I have helped hundreds of reactive dogs and their families. No matter the age or breed, ALL dogs are capable of change and I'm excited to help you with yours!

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Not only will you learn how to change behaviors but also loads of things you can do for and with your dog outside of training times.

The Next Step

By signing up you are taking the next step to helping your dog. This program will teach you what to do everything you need to know about dog reactivity and how to solve it.

No force, no fear, just fun.

Your dog will thank you and your life will be better!