a photo of a small black and white dog at his doggy birthday party wearing a blue 15 birthday had with wrapped presents and blue balloons in the background

Dog Birthday Party Ideas

I will never forget (or regret) throwing a big party for my dog, Rex. Even as a shy introvert, he had a blast at his 15th birthday bash. Keep in mind: Not all dogs want a party but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with my dog. Even my friends said it was one of the best parties they had been to (including human only ones!)

Here are my tips for throwing a great dog birthday party. 

For the dog’s sake I would limit the party to no more than 2 hours.

If you have a home with a yard, that is perfect. Be sure that the dogs have space to move around freely and of course potty when they need to. As an alternative you could have a little party at a dog park (more on this below).

Dog Party Hats
 Regular birthday hats work well for a dog's birthday hat and for are so affordable! You can buy solid color party hats at most dollar stores and decorate with glitter and/or stickers. If those are too large for your pup, here are some cute (and FREE) templates to make your own at home: https://casapizzi.com/free-printable-dog-party-hats-lets-pawty/. I also found an adorable “crown” and bow tie on Etsy for the birthday boy. Having my dog wear a birthday crown and bow tie was the hit of the party and I cherish the photos.

Dog Decorations
– Can I just say that balloons are terrible for the environment and even scare some dogs? Decorating for a dog's birthday is similar to a humans If I had to do it over again I would consider paper streamers instead of balloons and sprinkling mini Milk Bones on the tables for my dog's birthday party. You could also make a simple dog themed garland by taking a long string and tying Mini Milk bones every 12 inches are so. You can buy a large container on Amazon. Also, here are some ideas for a more eco-friendly décor on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/1064819905623417399

Dog Cakes -
You can bake your own dog friendly birthday cake or, order one for under $20. Here is a recipe to make a doggie cake from scratch https://www.lovefromtheoven.com/wprm_print/35184. Alternatively, you can find some dog cake box mixes and pre-made dog cakes on Chewy.com.  I made Rex a unicorn cake for his big 15 and a bone shaped for his 16th. I got the unicorn decorations and the dog bone shaped pan on Amazon and.

Dog Gifts
– Event though it was not expected, most of my friends brought a small dog birthday gift to my dog’s birthday party. It was a variety of dog toys and treats and he had so much fun opening everything. I think that was his favorite part. We found some new treats my dog loved from this process as well.  He even received a beautiful blanket that I still cherish now that he is gone.

Dog Friends
 – My dog had a small handful of best friends and humans. He really enjoyed having everyone over at once, which surprised me.  I would say be careful to not invite too many people and dogs as it could easily get overwhelming but a handful of pups with their paw-rents is sure to be a great time. I would ask guests to keep their dogs leashed if they are too pushy, it could take the fun away from the birthday dog.

Dog Guests &
Safety We had a total of four dogs and it seemed to be a good number. I would say 3-5 would be the best, manageable number. If you don’t know ALL of your dog guests personally I wouldn’t invite them. Dogs can get aggressive in small, busy places. If you want to have a party at the dog park that would help but I would say NO treats should be handed out as the same can happen with dogs around food.


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