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Perfectly Puppy™ Plus Training Program

Perfectly Puppy™ Plus Training Program

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Are you finding that having a puppy isn't as magical and fun and you thought it would be? Or, perhaps you are looking for a more proactive approach so that you won't be overwhelmed with puppy behaviors as they appear. It's important to start with the right kind of training so you can build a solid bond with your puppy.

    This program is geared towards puppies that are in the teething and/or potty training stages (age may vary but generally up to one year of age).

    The Perfectly Puppy PLUS Training Program is designed to immediately get you and your puppy on the right track.

    Our expanded course will cover:

    • Sit
    • Stay (plus demos and testing)
    • Stand
    • Lie Down
    • Come (plus games and testing reliability)
    • Leave It
    • Walk Nicely on Leash (a 4 week plan PLUS sample training sessions)
    • Mat training (go to, stay and settle)
    • Chewing and Biting
    • Body Handling
    • Brushing
    • Crate Training
    • Play Manners
    • Potty Training (plan and chart)
    • Jumping Solutions
    • Barking Solutions
    • Confidence building
    • Addressing Fear
    • Games to reinforce many of the skills above.
    • Much more!

    Unlock the secrets of handling troublesome puppy behaviors with Perfectly Puppy™ PLUS Training Program. Loaded with magical methods and techniques, this course guarantees to bring joy and success to you and your pup. Through engaging live lessons and tons of valuable advice, you'll learn to create a positive and enjoyable training experience with long-lasting results. Say goodbye to puppy problems and hello to a perfectly trained pooch!

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