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Leash Training Program

Leash Training Program

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Discover the magic of our 4 week Leash Training Program which provides expert instructions to teach your dog to stop pulling on leash! This program is great for all pups, no matter their age, breed or past experiences. Learn the secret to unlocking this frustrating behavior along with step-by-step guidance and advice to unlock your dog's true potential. n

In this program we will cover what, how, when and where to practice your leash training.

You will instantly receive leash training videos full of tips and examples of real dogs learning to walk nicely on leash plus, a handy pdf handout to help you along the way.

Our leash training program gives you the strategies, tools and support you need to quickly and easily master leash training. You will  have all the resources you need to create a safe, structured, and fun environment so your dog can learn to walk on a leash without pulling - all in just 4 short weeks. Plus, you'll be able to watch the 15-minute video and use the handy pdf handout for reference at any time. Unlock a world of freedom and joy with our Complete 4 Week Leash Manners Program.

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