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Hands-Free Dog Walking & Training Belt

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Our adjustable, hands-free belt is 1.5" thick which makes it:

  • Much more comfortable than traditional .5 and 1" belts.
  • Sturdy - able to hold more weight (treat pouch, etc)
  • Versatile and adjustable.

With it's 1.5" width, It is designed for comfort and durability, features both a d-ring and a snap hook so that you can add a leash, waste bag dispenser or even your keys. This belt is excellent for every day use, will easily support the weight of a treat pouch and works well for both walking and running. Hands-free greatly reduces the pressure on your back, shoulders, neck and arms. 

(leash not included)

NOTE: We do not recommend using hands-free on large dogs that tend to lunge. We recommend your work on that behavior prior to enjoying this feature. For your safety, it's best to wear the belt around your HIPS and it can be removed in seconds (at the clip or by removing the entire belt) should you need to release for any reason.  


Made from soft, nylon webbing fabric, heavy duty swivel snap hook, d-ring and heavy duty 1.5" buckle

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