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FearLess Pet

*Reactive Dog Bundle* - For dogs weighing 35 to 100 lbs.

*Reactive Dog Bundle* - For dogs weighing 35 to 100 lbs.

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Save $10 on Our Reactive Dog Bundle! This bundle is designed for reactive dogs weighing 35 to 100 lbs.

Increase your bond with your canine companion and witness incredible change - all with a kind approach. Our reactive dog training program and harness combined make for the perfect training experience!


It’s easier than you think to change your reactive dog’s behavior. With our reactive dog training course you can teach your dog to focus on you - instead of barking up a storm - when you’re out on a walk or having company over at home.

The Relief for Reactive Dogs™ Program is your fast-track to success. Whether your dog loses their marbles over other dogs, people, squirrels, or even the vacuum cleaner, this self-paced video course is for you. 

Learn why most dog parents fail to help their reactive dogs - and why they often make unwanted behaviors worse. 

Dogs don’t understand how embarrassing it is at the other end of the leash when you’re trying to keep your cool. In those high-reactivity moments, your dog’s brain switches into overdrive. They can’t think. They can only react. 

When they’re in that hyper-aroused emotional state, it’s physically impossible for your dog to listen to you.

In this course, you’ll learn... 

  • How to prevent those “out of control” moments, 
  • What to do when those moments do happen,
  • How to finally have a calm, happy dog that you can take anywhere. 

The pre-recorded video modules go over the inner workings of your dog’s mind - why your dog acts the way they do. Then, we’ll walk through simple, effective tricks that anyone can use to change those behaviors. Finally, you’ll get an insider’s look at real-world training sessions showing you exactly how a professional dog trainer works with reactive dogs just like yours. 

What you receive:

  • Over 2 hours of pre-recoded live training lessons and smaller sessions broken down into bite-sized modules
  • Games, tips, and tricks that anyone can use to improve their dog’s behavior and emotional well-being
  • Lifetime access so you can watch and re-watch anytime
  • A downloadable, printable 20-page workbook to help you create and (stick with!) a personalized training plan.


Keep your pup safe and secure, and on their best behavior, with our FearLess Pet Heavy Duty Harness + Leash Bundle. It's designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit, with adjustable straps and 4 adjusters for a custom fit to any body type. Plus, it's designed with a front clip to reduce pulling, so no more tug-of-war! This bundle is the perfect way to keep your pup escape-proof and joyful on their next outdoor adventure.

Please note the size recommendations of this harness.

  • Medium fits dogs weighing approximately 35 to 60 lbs
  • Large fits dogs between 60 and 100 lbs.

Features & Benefits:

  • NO ESCAPE Our adjustable harness fits a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can customize it for your pup. Make sure it's properly adjusted for their safety--you don't want them going rogue! And remember to test it out before you take 'em on their first walk.
  • NO PULL  This harness gives you the power to take control of your pup's movements with a convenient front clip that redirects their focus back to you when things start to get a bit too wild on the walk. Make walks an absolute joy for you and your best pal.
  • DURABLE This harness is crafted from tough-as-nails canvas, but comfy mesh on the inside keeps your pup snug and cozy. Rock-solid metal hardware and no-fail buckles are built to handle the heavy-duty workload. Just the thing for your hard-working pup.
  • QUALITY This harness is crafted from tough-as-nails canvas and heavy duty components, but comfy mesh on the inside keeps your pup snug and cozy. Our convenient side-release buckle is super-tough but a cinch to snap on and off. Comfort's a given, but the fabrics are also fully washable (line dryin'!). We use welded metal pieces-vroom, vroom!-to promise a safe, long-lasting product for your pup
  • REFLECTIVE Be ready for the dark with our Heavy Duty Harness + Leash Bundle - the reflective trim illuminates when car headlights hit, keeping you and your pup safe and seen in the night.

Pair the training and the harness with our adjustable leash (included) and you are set to get training and enjoying walks again!

Thank you for your support! Your pup is sure to benefit from your investment, and there's more: you're lending a helping hand to dogs in need. We put our paws out with generous donations and training tips to animal rescues, foster owners and adoptive parents. Woof!

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