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Do you dream of having a dog that sits politely, waits attentively, and walks by your side on leash? What if you could teach your dog to lay calmly on a mat at home or in public?If so, this program is for you. Whether your pup is a teen or adult and no matter their breed, or training background, you can access the resources you need to begin altering their behavior TODAY! 

Learn how to train your pup while helping them to feel safe to learn and grow and that making mistakes is ok, too.

This comprehensive dog training course includes training sit, stay, down, come, leave it, and more PLUS our 4-Week Leash Manners Program filled with valuable insights on how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. We've also added loads of bonus content so you can really boost your training and your bond with your dog!

Developed by Christine, the Founder of Fearless Pet, the course is also packed with instructor tips, live videos, demonstrations, exercises and handouts. We left no stone unturned to set you and your dog up for complete success.

If you want your dog to learn how to listen to you, stay when and where you ask them to, walk nicely on leash and stop chasing the cat (or squirrel), this program is for you. Build your dog's life skills while increasing your bond.

This expanded training course includes:

  • Sit
  • Stay (plus demos and testing)
  • Stand
  • Lie Down
  • Come (plus games and testing reliability)
  • Leave It, Drop it, Take it
  • Walk Nicely on Leash (a 4 week plan PLUS sample training sessions)
  • Mat training (go to, stay and settle)
  • Body Handling
  • Jumping Solutions
  • Barking Solutions
  • Confidence building
  • Addressing Fear
  • Games to reinforce many of the skills above
  • How Dogs Learn Program and more! 

This program is great for kids and adults alike. All of the content is easy to understand and replicate. 

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